Walden @ Microsoft Tech Days 2015

Posted by Ikin Wirawan on Oct 8, 2015 2:36:15 PM

From yesterday until today, the biggest annual event of Microsoft Indonesia is held at Balai Kartini. For the past year, Walden group has been working with Microsoft to deliver added value to Indonesia business community, and on this event we presented:

Internet of Things combined with Big Data analytics

Our Microsoft solution specialist, Rikky Mayanto from Azuranger, will help you fly to the Azure cloud!

Move to Azure

In yesterday's event, Rikky along with Microsoft technology team, showcase how IoT and Big Data can work together in Azure. Using motion sensors placed in main stage doors (thanks to Geeknesia team), we track in real-time the number and the rate of people coming in and out of the main stage.

Movement Sensor

And then with Azure services event hub, stream analytics, power BI (which uses R engine), we deliver a dashboard:

Dashboard Techdays 2015 (FINAL)

gCloud - inventory system for SMB

gCloud is the first supply chain management Software as a Service in Indonesia, with POS integration and more. gCloud positions itself as cloud inventory solution for small & medium businesses in Indonesia. Satya Andhika, the CEO of gCloud, was presenting at the event:

gCloud presenting

We believe through good governance, SMBs can become stronger, and bankable. Thus, the goal is to create a platform of affordable, as-a-service IT solutions for SMBs, connecting their inventory, accounting, CRM, eCommerce, eLearning, payroll, and more. With gCloud, 3rd party developers can innovate on top of our API, and in addition, small software houses in regional cities can become a profitable reseller.

Avelca - application generator

Avelca is a tool to create your own Information Systems. If you have in-house IT programmers, this tool can expedite their development, and focus on the unique and complex business processes instead. David Pramana, CEO of Avelca, readily gives speech to IT-pro audience in the seminar hall:

Avelca Presenting

The event was very successful in my opinion, with thousands of visitors from across the country. Good luck Microsoft, and thank you for hosting such a great event!


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