Telkom Indonesia Signed Technological Partnership With WGS

Posted by Ratri Adityarani on Oct 17, 2016 4:41:07 PM

Indonesia's biggest telecommunication company, Telkom Indonesia, has signed a cooperation agreement with several leading IT companies in the country.


To be a leader of digital technology in Indonesia is not an easy thing for Telkom. Therefore, Telkom needs to build partnerships with several leading IT companies to develop 7 digital sectors. Telkom formalized the cooperation through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with local and international partners in the Telkom Group Digi Summit 2016 event in Jakarta last Thursday, October 13th 2016.

Some IT companies which became partners including Walden Global Service, as an enterprise software development company. Chairman from Walden Global Service, Ikin Wirawan, and WGS CMO Aria Wardhana attended the signing of the agreement.


Seven digital industry sectors targeted by Telkom covers sectors of music, video, gaming, travel and tourism, e-commerce, digital advertising, and financial technology.

“Through this cooperation, Telkom Group supports the vision of President Joko Widodo who launched the Indonesian digital economy to become the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia. Therefore, Telkom Group is transformed into a digital company and realize the vision as the king of digital in the region,” Alex J. Sinaga, the CEO of Telkom Group said to “Telkom has a big asset, while the partners will have innovation, to jointly achieve the desired objectives. With this partnership, the partners have become part of the digital company in Indonesia. Let's do a collaboration. Together we are faster, stronger and bigger.”

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