WGS Joined Indonesian Army Hackaton with Karsa

Posted by Ratri Adityarani on Oct 11, 2016 10:14:36 AM


Digital technology has become part of our daily life. In all fields we required new innovations, especially in the field of technology that can facilitate human lives. This include the technology in national defense. That's why the Indonesian Army saw the need for utilization of IT in the HR development.

The Army gives a full attention to the rejuvenation of the equipment and computerized weapons system. Therefore the Indonesian Army invited civil society to work together to maintain the stability of the country in the information technology era through the development of applications in the territorial, sector, combat operations, and logistics sectors. Through an event called Hackathon Cipta Yudha Kartika Eka Paksi TNI AD, the Army invites the public to build applications that are useful in defending the country.


The event was held in Bogor, on October 7-9, 2016. There were 216 people from all over Indonesia who participated in this Hackaton which divided in 65 teams. Every team must make an application in accordance with the specified category. There are three categories specified in this Hackaton, which were:

  1. Territories
    Applications in this field cover the aspects of communication and team coordination, as well as the team's understanding of the field’s condition, including coaching geographic, demographic, and social conditions.
  2. Operations
    Application development in this field is needed to enhance the combat soldiers in the war field.
  3. Support
    The application development in strengthening MOOTW (Military Operations Other Than War). Development support includes the development of intelligence support, operations and training, personnel, logistics, budget, research and development, topography, law, psychology, and military cooperation and inspectorate.


WGS Team represent our client Karsa, an agricultural application that can manage the growing season and soil conditions so that farmers can maximize crop yields. This application is modified to fit the specifications required by the Army in the logistics sector.


Making an application for 3 days 2 nights was such an energy and mind consuming activity. Karsa Yudha team of WGS had successfully entered the big 8 finalists. The winner of this Hackaton was Si Patok team from Cimahi, while the second is the Garuda Wisnu Kencana team from Bandung, and third place was won by the Bisa Olo team from Gorontalo. Although WGS team didn’t win, but Karsa Yudha showed their hard work and dedication. Karsa application remains as a useful application for the national development, especially in agriculture and logistics. Congratulations to Karsa Yudha team, we are proud to be part of the soldiers of IT in Indonesia.


Source: Antara TV

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