4 Ways To Take Advantage Of Workflow Automation

Posted by Gathenya J. M. on Feb 22, 2018 1:27:08 PM



The 21st-century workplace demands the effective application of technology. Technology is no longer a luxury but has become an integral part of the fast-paced business environment; it is essential not only for the business to survive but also to thrive. It makes processes faster, more effective and easier to document for future review.

One of the important strategies for technology deployment in an organization is workflow automation. This refers to the automation of recurring backend processes through the use of software applications with the aim of increasing efficiency, accelerating revenue growth, and enhancing business value. By implementing a workflow system, an organization is able to reduce workload thus making the day-to-day operations less intricate and more organized.

Below are 4 ways in which you can take advantage of workflow automation for your business operations;

  1. Error reduction for a growth-focused business.
    Errors are expensive to fix since they consume time and financial resource. They are an impediment to growth and slows decision making. On the other hand, workflow automation eliminates inaccuracies, brings consistency, predictability, and transparency in the way teams executes their tasks.

    A well-defined workflow provides interactions and integrations between functional areas, defines the execution path for each task, ensures that every step in the business process is performed by the right people, and provides a mechanism for automatic escalation of exceptions and issues. By eliminating errors, workflow automation ensures that businesses optimize their human capital to spent time on activities that drive business growth.

    At one of our project for CIMB Niaga Bank, Indonesia’s fourth-largest bank by assets and a member of CIMB Group Holdings (previously known as CAHB), we are implementing a workflow system for their internal affairs purposes. Among the automations built in the system include online tracking of forms along the approval process and the ability to automatically reassign/delegate an approval form to a new approver when the current assignee is on leave or unavailable.


  1. Better time management for improved productivity
    Workflow automation allows automatic allocation and tracking of tasks. This significantly reduces the supervision overhead since managers will spend less time making decisions on how to allocate tasks within and across teams. Our Business Process Management Software has the ability to build applications that present the status of every task in a dashboard and requests are easily tracked.

    Additionally, reminders, notifications, and escalation can be inbuilt in the system further enhancing proper utilization of time and faster task delivery. By automating manual processes, workflow automation help organizations to maximize the productive time of their employees by freeing them to concentrate on high-value activities that will propel the business to the next frontier of growth.

    An excellent example of better time management through workflow automation is our project for a government-owned enterprise that deals with tin mining, PT. Timah. The e-approval system for payment purposes that we implemented is capable of automatically generating the approval hierarchy. Whenever there is a need to approve a payment, the system generates email alerts to the approvers and approval can easily be done via the email. Additionally, our system helps in the payment process concerning purchases of raw material such that when the taxation status is 90% done, the system automatically generates POs excluding the tax component.


  1. Improved communication for enhanced efficiency
    Workflow automation leads to increased integration between functional teams and areas. It helps to break down the information silos which exist between departments by creating improved collaboration and connectivity. The seamless transition of tasks through the business process helps to eliminate non-value-adding steps which normally distract staff.

    At another government-owned enterprise Elnusa Tbk., we implemented a recruitment system, which aggregates a job seeker’s score and automatically allows them to proceed to the next stage if their score is greater than 70. This substantially reduces the need for human intervention in the recruitment process.

    Additionally, workflow automation provides a single source of truth. This greatly improves the ability of team operating in different locations to collaborate in the delivery of the organization's goals. Moreover, having a single source of truth and standardized business processes greatly enhances the onboarding of new employees.


  1. Track business processes for data-driven decisions
    Workflow systems have SLA monitoring tools which track, records and analyzes the time efficiency of each process. This gives you accurate insights of your operational data giving you the ability to make informed decisions on the improvements required to take your business more efficient and ready for the future.

    In addition, workflow systems will provide the management of businesses with an easily accessible, easy-to-use audit trail of the activities of each and every participant in the business process. This is a priceless contribution towards creating a culture of openness and accountability among employees.



In conclusion, workflow automation is not only about increased efficiency and productivity, It’s also about doing more with less through the removal of redundant tasks and fine-tuning the ones which are retained. Managing workflows more effectively has become a source of comparative advantage for businesses which want to remain sustainable in the modern technology-driven world.

The more of your business you manage to automate, the more you will be able to focus on strategic matters that lead to improved products or services. Our team of experts will competently help you to take advantage of the automation of workflow processes. Get in touch with us here for more details.

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