QA Center: WGS Collaborates with Puspiptek (The Science & Technology Research Center)

Posted by Hendy Rusli on Nov 7, 2018 3:31:28 PM

WGS-Puspiptek-QA-Center GIPTI groundbreaking at BSD City, Thursday (4/10/2018)


The Science and Technology Research Center (Puspiptek) of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) is initiating the construction of the Science, Technology and Innovation Gallery (GIPTI) in the BSD City area, South Tangerang (4/10/2018). GIPTI will occupy the Puspiptek land of Kemenristekdikti, covering an area of ± 15 Ha.

Minister Mohamad Nasir said GIPTI is a collaborative project of Puspitek and Sinar Mas Land with regional technopolis concept and Puspiptek as National Science & Technology Park (N-STP), to be a center for research and development in science and technology. As a center for the development of national products, the center for technology-based entrepreneurship growth through incubation, science, and technology information centers, and training centers for industrial human resources.

Minister Nasir explained that one of the functions of the GIPTI for the world of higher education was as a laboratory for innovators and inventors to produce the startup industry. Innovators and inventors from universities can use GIPTI to develop their creative ideas.

Within the Puspiptek area, WGS is trusted to build a QA Center that is open for businesses to utilize the services. WGS was chosen as we have an extensive & detailed QA team with currently 3 levels of the quality check; the white box testing, gray box testing, and black box testing.


Shared in the infographic below is the Quality Assurance process overview,
which is run in WGS’ current SOP:

WGS-QA-WorkFlow-2 WGS QA Service WorkFlow


Our quality control is a combination of testing activities done by both human tester & automated tests that are done in a cycle as the development project is ongoing. We would ensure minimum error and international code quality compliance.

As the great benefits technology brings to us is obviously the influence on our lives anywhere, to make our lives more comfortable in various fields, with this QA Center we hope to contribute more to the development of technology to make people live better.

The presence of GIPTI is expected to bring together innovators and investors so that the Indonesian startup industry can grow rapidly and be in line with developed countries. Head of Puspiptek Sri Setiawati said GIPTI would be a place for community empowerment and education in the field of science and technology. Also a marketing place for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) products and technology-based startups built by technology business incubators in Puspiptek and Sinar Mas Land.


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