Gandeng Impactto, WGSH Siap Genjot Portofolio Startup

Kinerja Tumbuh Ribuan Persen, WGSH Bakal Tebar Dividen

Jalin Kerjasama Dengan Ethis, WGSHub Perkuat Ekosistem

Dana IPO untuk Hire Programmer, 2022 WGSH Siap Tancap Gas

WGS Hub, Sebuah Perusahaan Teknologi di Digital Hub BSD City Berhasil Melantai di BEI

SAH! Emiten Venture Builder asal Indonesia ini resmi melantai di Bursa

Incar potensi Ekonomi Digital 2025, Emiten Venture Builder siap melantai di Bursa

WGSHub Ajak Family Business dan SME Go Digital Atasi Dampak PPKM

WGSH Acquires Whizliz and Techpolitan

WGSHub: The Road to Public Listed Company

Zycus Announces Partnership with Bandung Based Walden Global Services (WGS) to Deliver Customer Success

QA Center: WGS Collaborates with Puspiptek (The Science & Technology Research Center)

Techpolitan, New Edutainment Center for Future Tech

On Lee – KASKUS as our Distinguished Speaker on 06th of March 2018 in ICION 6th Conference Ambarrukmo , Yogyakarta

6 Advantages of Automating SOP Monitoring

4 Ways To Take Advantage Of Workflow Automation

4 Common Workflow Problems Resolved Using Workflow Engine

3 Government-Owned Enterprise Practices for Better Customer Experience

4 Ways Of Using ERP to Establish Strong Controls of Sales Process

How To Choose & Plan Smart ERP Designed For Performance

5 Employee Engagement Lessons From IBM

4 Effective Strategies for Improving Employee Satisfaction

Technology Application Of an Employee-Centric Workplace

Improving Employee Engagement For Better Financial Performance

Utilization of A.I. for Commerce & Financial Industry

Cyber Security Workshop by WGS & Wise Pacific Venture

Improving Innovation by visualizing data

WGS in Google Cloud OnBoard 2017 Jakarta

Integrate & Automate Ecommerce Business Process to ERP System

3 Sales Automation Ideas to Improve Productivity

Ruby on Rails on Oracle Middleware : a Platform For End-to-End Solutions

Why Should We Go Cashless?

The Future of the Open Source CRM

Telkom Indonesia Signed Technological Partnership With WGS

WGS Joined Indonesian Army Hackaton with Karsa

Mobile App for Agriculture Has Launched in Indonesia

Walden @ Microsoft Tech Days 2015

Salihara runs on WGS eCommerce solution

Hush app launch

Process Diagram App

MoU WGS & Aptikom

Kursus Web Programming Bulan Februari 2014 Dibuka

Workshop PhoneGap di ITHB

Kunjungan Industri dari UDINUS Semarang pada 5 Desember 2013

Syukuran Kantor Baru

AWS Cloud for Enterprises Seminar

WGS Seminar: AWS Cloud for the Enterprise

AWS Summit 2013 Singapore

Buka Puasa bersama Karyawan WGS Tahun 2013

Notes from ICION "Data Protection and Cloud Solutions Day"

WGS Proud to Be at IDByte 2013

WGS Participating in RailsConf Portland 2013

RAILSCONF: Portland 2013, The Photo Journal

WGS - The First AWS Official Consulting Partner in Indonesia

ISO 9001:2008 Certification Announcement

Turnamen Billiard Internal WGS

Official APN Consulting Partner

#WGSshares Session 2 “Scrum”

Social Media Marketing: The Landscape and Opportunities #INTERNETSHOWINDO (Day #2)

Insights, Strategies and Markets: WGS Reports from #INTERNETSHOWINDO (Day #1)

The Third Industrial Visit from UDINUS Semarang.

Permen outsourcing baru & industri IT

Mobile Development and User Interface at #WGSshares

Pengembangan Aplikasi Mobile & User Interface di #WGSshares

Kunjungan Industri UIN SUKA Yogyakarta

Kunjungan Klien

Karyawan Berbulu Tangkis

Happy Eid Mubarak & 67th Anniversary, Indonesia!

Working Music

Ramadhan 1433 Hijriah

The WGS Weddings - Software as a Service Indonesia

MoU signing with Assefseer

Kunjungan Industri dari UDINUS Semarang

Kontribusi WGS di Industri Indonesia


MoU with KADIN @ Rapimnas: developing Indonesia's SMB via Cloud

Partnership between WGS and ITHB

2011 WGS gathering - Q&A session with employees

A New Office for WGS at Jln Karapitan!

Company updates September 2010

Catching up with American programmers

Staying Paranoid

Dealing with a difficult client

Berkarir sebagai freelancer

Even the best athlete need a coach

Communicasia 2009

Our vision

The WGS ways

A success (HR) story

Managing turnovers


It's a People business, not an IT business

Built to Last

Hiring engineers

Elance is a bloody ocean

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