Hush app launch

Kamis, 12 Maret 2015,  jam 10.00 WIB bertempat di cilandak town square. Empat orang karyawan WGS  menghadiri  pers conference aplikasi HUSH. Empat orang tersebut adalah Winson, Welly, Fatimah, dan Akmal.

WGS Proud to Be at IDByte 2013

Social Media Marketing: The Landscape and Opportunities #INTERNETSHOWINDO (Day #2)

The recap from the second day of the biggest online exhibition/seminar in Indonesia. The #InternetShowIndo took place in 5 - 6 December 2012, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Insights, Strategies and Markets: WGS Reports from #INTERNETSHOWINDO (Day #1)


Even the best athlete need a coach

As recent as 8 months ago, we dont have the notion of 'Managers'. Everyone works as Engineers and Developers.

A success (HR) story

In this first blogpost of this year, again I want to raise the subject HR.
Success in our company is not only measured in revenue or profit growth, but also measured in how successful we are in HR.
We cant deny there are many failures in our HR, but here is one successful story.

Managing turnovers

A friend of mine owns a large textile manufacturing company in Indonesia; more than two years ago he decides to develop an ERP system with a big IT company in Jakarta (let's call it the Supplier from now on). The cost was US$90k, and was to finish in a year.


I'm getting busier in both my professional and personal life; this is personal info but... I'm getting married at the end of the year!

Built to Last

Everytime I read books / magazines, I am inspired and motivated. I think that's what books for anyway. I should've written a blog for each book I read, but that wouldnt be appropriate to write in this Ruby on Rails outsourcing blog. I have a personal blog but most posts are written in Indonesian.

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