WGSHub: The Road to Public Listed Company

Posted by Astri Novia on Feb 1, 2021 12:16:11 PM

We are excited to announce the kickstart of the pre-IPO preparation for WGSHub toward the Public Listed Company which will be running effectively by September 2021.

For your information, WGSHub is an IT Products & Services Distributor and a Tech Incubator, and it is a hybrid of a profitable lifestyle business and a string of potentially high-growth, venture-backable, tech startups.

The reason for its IPO is to become a publicly-traded and owned entity in order to raise capital in hopes of expanding, and expect the venture capitalists can use the IPO as a business strategy. Our expectation is once publicly listed, its share price will capture private valuation of its subsidiaries.




As a Tech Incubator WGSHub aims to become the go-to tech incubator for software-driven Indonesian businesses, and also become a trusted vendor for every business in digital transformation. We help enterprises connect with vendors with specific expertise, help them to provide their lack of talents, and help SME startups to grow through financing, revenue sharing, and venture building.

Whatever you need you just need to inform us and we are going to have it done for you. Furthermore, we have various engagement models to suit your various business considerations, and you don’t have any worries about pricing and services since we offer you a choice of solutions with many new technologies to scale your businesses.

We have some choices for you who need an early solution with ready-made software, yet these solutions are also customizable and integrate-able with other systems, such as:

  1. Marketing automation
  2. Ecommerce enablement
  3. Digital marketing

To upscale your IT team with various services that are tailored to your requirement, we offer you our services as named below:

  1. Extended team.
    We help you to extend your in-house team with our all-inclusive service, including office spaces, legal, etc.
  2. Training, co-working, and payroll
    You can acquire the required in-house employees with our help while also training your existing team with new technology expertise. You can rent our creative spaces or let us handle the payroll and HR requirements if necessary.

As we all know, Covid-19 accelerates the digital transformation of corporates and consumers causing significant number of businesses had to scale down or close completely. On the other hand, many companies can harness technology and thrive during the pandemic.

We are looking at 2021 as the perfect time where WGSHub exists to connect businesses with tech team, tech solutions, and even funding, to be software-driven and scalable. WGSHub aims the goal to become a mini Softbank which publicly listed with a profitable line of business, and yet owns a string of high-value startup subsidiaries.


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